The initial consultation is a no obligation - 30 minute session. During this I will find out a bit more about you, the reason you have come to me and agree with you what you would like to gain from the sessions. Then I will explain in full detail, the way in which hypnotherapy can help you and devise and explain the treatment plan.  You will then be provided with my free, relaxation MP3. 

Subsequent sessions last for 1 hour. The amount needed will vary depending on the condition, client needs and treatment required. A rough guide is 8-12 sessions for most people. Sessions end with the trance and this will just make you feel very relaxed. We use neuro-linguistic programming to ensure that your trance makes you feel good. 

Sessions usually take place online via video call. So location is never an issue. If you have a preference for face-to-face appointments for any reason, please let me know and I will always do my best to accommodate.


Does hypnotherapy work online?

It actually works really well! The key ingredient is to be relaxed and most people feel more relaxed at home. Hypnotherapy online is very effective and you don't need to worry about location and travel. 


Pay as you go 


  • 1 hour session

Package Deal


  • 6 sessions
  • 1 hour sessions
  • Works out at £65 per session

Smoking Cessation 


  • One off session as only one is needed!
  • Lasts around 2 hours

Common Areas For Hypnotherapy

It is a versatile approach that can be used in a large number of conditions. Below, we have listed a general overview of some of the most common areas people come to see us about;

Anxiety and stress management Hypnotherapy gives you the knowledge and tools to reduce anxiety and manage stress. The process accesses the subconscious to reframe negative thought patterns and promote relaxation. You will be given the knowledge and the tools you need to continue to manage this long after sessions have ceased.

Trauma and PTSD Often, people are made to go over their trauma’s so many times, either by their own mind or by others. The important part about what we do, is not to force you to re-live it again if you don’t want to. General context about the problem is all that is needed. Following that, the process will access the subconscious mind to process your trauma in its own way. We promote relaxation techniques, stress management and reframe negative self-beliefs caused by the trauma. Again, you will be provided with the knowledge about how trauma affects the brain and the tools to continue to heal and resolve traumatic memories.

Sleep Disorders Hypnotherapy can promote relaxation and reduce anxiety, which makes sleeping more challenging. You will be provided with an MP3 to listen to at home which also helps to aid relaxation and through repetition, it aids sleep. Sleep is vital to our mental health and wellbeing and is an important element to dedicate attention to.

Confidence and self-esteemBy re-programming the way you talk to yourself, you can address the negative self-talk that is holding you back. Hypnotherapy promotes positive self-talk and reframes the false negative beliefs you have. As well as teaching you stress management techniques so you can learn how to regain control over your life.

Behavioural changePerhaps you have a bad habit or lack of self-control but you want to change. Hypnotherapy can assist you in your desired change by improving your self-control and motivation.

Weight Management Individuals who want to achieve and maintain a healthy weight can be assisted by hypnotherapy. We can all have signals in the brain that may at times tell us to over or under eat. These are enhanced by stress. We may not even be aware that we are eating or not eating due to a stressor in our lives. But by learning the relevant neuroscience and learning how to regain control over your life, you can find out how best to achieve your goals.

Pain Management Techniques can be used to manage chronic pain by promoting relaxation, reducing stress and by challenging one’s perception of pain.

Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy can assist individuals to give up smoking. It will teach you where the cravings really come from and how to regain control over them.

PhobiasUsing something called the rewind technique, we can address the template created in your mind which produces your fear response. Relaxation is promoted throughout and your response to the phobia can be re-programmed through accessing the subconscious. This reduces the emotional response when faced with the specific phobia.

Performance Enhancement - Hypnotherapy can also be used to improve performance in areas such as sports, theatre, public speaking, focus and motivation. It helps by making your goal clear and in your mind and teaching techniques to help you to achieve it.

If you have any further questions or would like to know more about how we can assist, we can discuss it in full, during the initial consultation. It's important to feel safe and be informed when it comes to hypnotherapy. 


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